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Essential Oils

                                           So what is all this Hype?


So you've heard the term Essential oils, but what are they really? Are your friends talking about them, co-workers with these misting machines at their desks or see strangers smelling the necklace as they walk by, or waiting ever so patiently in a long line at the store??  Yes, I threw that last one in because that would be me, sniffing my jewelry while whipping out my little bottles in line and chatting up the customers behind me. Yes, that is what oils do, they make you want to talk to everyone and share about the wonderful things essential oils have done for you and your loved ones. Really, you can't help that when you see someone who you know will benefit from the knowledge you have learned, you are compelled to strike up a conversation.....usually starting with " I have an oil for that"

To answer the question simply, Essential Oils are the life force of plants and herbs, just as blood and cells are to our own bodies. Just as we are complex human beings made up of many constituents that each serve a specific purpose in our bodies, so are the essential oils in the living beauty in nature that surround us.

EOs (essential oils) have been used for healing and cleansing across many cultures for many centuries and date back to biblical times.  They are mentioned in the Bible several times over for various things. A couple weeks after I was introduced to Young Living EOs, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar taught by Dr. David Stewart on Healing Oils of the Bible, a great read by the way.